Jun 27, 2009

Open and edit a .ppsx in MS PowerPoint

Recently a friend of mine was struggling to open a .ppsx file in MS PowerPoint. He wanted to edit some slides of the presentation but the sender of the file had sent a .ppsx instead of a .pptx.

If you have never opened a .ppsx (PowerPoint Show) file in MS PowerPoint 2007 then you might like to read on.

The solution is pretty simple. Open MS PowerPoint and then Go to Open --> Choose the .ppsx file. But in his case this was not working for some strange reason. So we solved the problem thus:

Open MS PowerPoint


Go to the windows folder where the file has been saved and drag the .ppsx file inside MS PowerPoint


Drop it on the top (not on the slide)

Any faster way than this, drop in a comment.


  1. If you are not using Microsoft products, you can download the OpenOffice Suite, which is 100% F R E E (no strings attached) at:


    .ppsx files can be opened with the Presentation app, choosing Microsoft Powerpoint 2007 XML filter.. thats simple. I always save the PPT as standard presentation.. very cool!

    OpenOffice has more than a hundred filters (the equivalent would be OPEN AS in Win), so you are completely OK using OpenOffice.

    I used version 3.0 on April 18th 2010. This version includes Calc, Write, Presentation, Base, and Draw applications. The computer was an old Averatec 3500 with Windows Tablet… it run perfectly the file and OpenOffice. Later I will do a try on my 2010 Mac Pro…. just to let you know!

    Another alternative is to download the 2007 Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer from Ms, at links like:

    What I will advise everyone, is to SAVE AS an older version ,PPT or as a PDF which are more easy to open.


  2. THANK you!!!!!!!!!! Otherwise I will not be able to have materials for the open-book exam printed(((.

  3. @Anonymous

    You are welcome. Best wishes for the exams.

  4. THANKS a lot! Excellent and quick way. Effective and perfect! (I don't have an account... obviously, but just wanted to thank you anyway.)

  5. u can simply open ur blank ppt n press open n simply click on the ppt no need to drag....

  6. @Jash

    Thanks Jash. Your method works most of the times. In this case, as I have shared in the post, for some reason it was not working. Hence the alternative was discovered.

  7. Thank you so much! I have been trying to edit a file that I recieved as ppsx and you were the person that really solved it for me! Thanks !

  8. wow!!! This is amazingly easy!!! Thank you!!!!