Jun 20, 2009

Yes I am talking to you

I started this blog in January this year and it has been quite a journey for me. Sort of extended my love for presentations to the blogosphere. Have written about a host of topics and there are many more to come. I believe in practical stuff and hence always try to relate everything I say to a real life incident.

Over the last five and a half months, have seen quite a decent number of readers on the blog. And so today this post is directed at you. Yes, YOU who is reading this post right now!

If you are reading my blog and have been visiting quite often, one thing is clear, that you are interested in presentations. But what more? I would like you to talk to me. Tell me what you like and what are you looking for. What brings you here and what keeps you with me. I want to talk to you, my invisible co-passenger in this journey called 'allaboutpresentations.'

Write to me at vivek [at] jazz factory [dot] in or comment on this post.

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