Aug 11, 2009

Why do I need to put my logo in the presentation?

It is a common practice in organizations to have a logo on each slide. Many a times the logo is part of the 'corporate template' which a manager cannot do much about. An extreme case of this can be found in some consultancies where they put the client logo and their logo on each slide.

If you also have a habit of putting your organization's logo on each slide, then you need to take a pause here and think; "Why am I putting the logo on each slide?"
I would go a step further and ask you "Do you even need the company anywhere on the slide?

I am of the opinion that you should not put 'anything' on your slide without a justification. A justification to yourself. Why should the logo be there?
What value is it adding to the presentation?

I read a post of Michael Hyatt where he says, "Instead of placing your logo on every page, you should use “bumper slides” with your logo on the first and last slide only. Other than that, it should almost never appear."

I would disagree to Micheal and ask "Why should I put the logo even on the last and the first slide unless it makes sense?" In case the presentation is to an internal audience in a company, would you still need a logo? Do people need to be reminded where they work?

Let us look at two situations:

1. Internal Presentations

These presentations are made to employees and hence do not need a logo on any slide. In case you are inducting new employees, you might like to put the logo on the very first slide. Using the logo anywhere else is unwarranted. You cannot put the logo anywhere else without a reason (example, if you are discussing the evolution of your company logo, then putting a logo obviously makes sense).
2. External Presentations
You are an advertising agency and are presenting to the client. In such cases you should put your logo on the first slide. That is all. Do not try to force fit your logo anywhere else in the presentation. People know who you are and putting the logo on each slide will only cause clutter

The next time you are presenting ask yourself this question: Do I need a logo on my presentation at all? Do not put anything on the slide which does not add value.


  1. There is a purpose for the logo on each slide. It creates Brand awareness. This is the same reason why Nike has its logo on every shoe.

    As to why put your client's logo also? It acknowledges that their Brand is equally important as yours.

  2. Hi Riz
    Thanks for sharing your view.

    A logo on each slide will lead to brand awareness. But my question is 'why do we need it'?

    If an ad agency is presenting to a client, a logo on each slide is of no use. The client already knows you. You need awareness on the shelf of a super market or in a TV Commercial. Not in a presentation.

    In case of internal presentations by a manager to his superior, I don't see any value add which a logo will bring.

  3. You obviously have not seen NASA internal presentations. Usually the coverpage is littered with logos of every subcontractor involved, (probably a dozen or more) There are at least two logos on every page. I guess the lack of perks and high salary creates a hyperactive sense of brand loyalty.

  4. @jscott1
    Thanks for sharing your views. There is one more reason we see logos on every slide. Presenters do not spend time thinking whether to have logos or not. They would have seen someone presenting with logos and they just go ahead and keep doing it, without giving it a second thought.

  5. Vivek, This is an old one but still thought I'll add my thoughts.

    To put my comments in perspective, I have been with a couple of consulting teams for over 9 years.

    Many a times our clients tend to print 2 or 3 pages from a report and use them at internal meetings or sometimes even add a couple of pages from our report to their internal documents. It is very important for us to make sure that in such cases our brand names are clearly visible.

    This is the main reason for including logos on all pages. The client's logo is also included for the same reason.


  6. What you said makes sense. Thanks Bhaskar. I guess in this situation, the logo is needed. The only thing to add is, keep it as small as possible.