Oct 10, 2009

Need a flag for your presentation?

I came across a useful website while reading Troy Chollar's blog. It is called Flag Icons and it provides you free flag icons of various countries in the world. The good news is, its free. You only need to pay if it is for commercial use.

So, the next time you need a flag for a presentation all you have to do is:

Visit the website
Search by country name or by the first letter of the alphabet
Choose from the various types of flags
Choose your desired quality (64 pixels to 640 pixels)
Download the image as PNG, JPG or GIF


1. Transparency - The PNG image will have a transparent background whereas GIF and JPEG will have a white background color. If your slide colour is black then you need to download PNG. If your slide colour is white you can choose any image format.

2. Image quality - The website allows you to choose images from 64 pixels to 640 pixels. Choosing a higher pixel will lead to a higher image size. If you need a bigger image on the slide, download a higher pixel image from the website. When in doubt, always download a higher pixel image.

3. Terms of use -
For personal use, you have to give credit to flag.redpixart.com on the same page where you are displaying the flag. If you are using the flag on a web page, it must also include a link to flag.redpixart.com. For commercial use, you have to buy royalty-free images from the website.

In an earliest post, I had shared another great resource called Add Letters. If you also know of some wonderful online resources like Flag Icons and Add Letters, share it with all of us.

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