May 1, 2010

Best of the Month: April '10

April was all about collecting the best presentation tips from all over the world. It all started on April 5 when I thought how great it will be if presentation bloggers from all over the world share their favourite posts with us. So I wrote to all the bloggers I knew of and most of them have responded. Thus started a sequence which I titled 'World's Best Presentation Tips'. Already I have shared with you the favourite posts of 7 bloggers. There are atleast 6 more to come.

Other than this, I also interviewed Dr. Devdutt Pattanaik, Chief Belief Officer of Future Group (Big Bazaar & Pantaloons). In this interview (read here) he talks about his TED experience and how he prepared and excelled at his TED presentation.

I also recommend you read these 5 posts from my blog (if you have not done that already). These 5 posts are the most read posts on my blog till date.

#1. 10 tips to help you get sponsorship money from corporate.
#2. How many slides should a presentation have?
#3. How to impress your boss in your next sales/business review?
#4. Introduction to SmartArt graphics in PowerPoint?
#5. 7 presentation habits which Dr. Stephen Covey uses

Have a great weekend. See you on Monday.

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