May 26, 2010

World's Best Presentation Tips #13 MJ Plebon

World's Best Presentation Tips is a series of posts where presentation bloggers from all over the world share their favourite posts with us at All About Presentations. This is an exclusive for AAP readers.

Today's Blogger: MJ Plebon from

MJ Plebon started blogging in 2008. Today he shares his favourite post with us along with this note: "This post is by far the most popular from a readership viewpoint. After many years in corporate life presenting graphs and charts, the risk of confusing or boring your audience is great. Every chart or graph is a story in itself. Now the SWOT analysis is a common business tool and an ideal platform to develop a wonderful story line to support your proposed strategy, your reputation and your career. When presenting a chart of graph, always tell the story behind it."

Here is his post: Don't Sweat When Presenting the SWOT

Thanks MJ for sharing this post with us.

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