Jun 30, 2010

What does your company do? [Company Profile Presentation]

"What does your company do?"

If I ask you to make a small presentation to introduce your company, how will you do that? What will be your slide headings? What will you talk about and what will you leave?

What does your company's profile presentation contain. If your company does not have a presentation and I ask you to make one, how will you make it?

Last week I came across two corporate profile presentations. One presentation was by a new company into the retail business. This presentation is being used to introduce the company to business associates. The other was by a 3 year old company which is looking for a joint venture partner. They are showing this presentation to companies in the same business and looking for possible tie-ups.

Depending on the need and the audience, the company profile presentation will change (presenting to shareholders and presenting to customers). Yet most slides which introduce the company will be common.

Here are the slide headings of the first company.

  • Vision & Mission
  • About the Industry
  • The Founders
  • Divisions & Group companies
  • Business Model
  • Our Products & Services
  • Our Competition
  • Our Competitive Edge
  • Expansion Plans

Here are the slide headings of the second company.

  • Who we are?
  • What we do?
  • Our expertise (what we specialize in?)
  • Our achievements
  • Our products & services
  • Our competitive edge (what we do better than others?)

Between these two slides which one do you like and why? Which one does a better job? Share your point of view by leaving a comment.

Important update: 
I have written a detailed post on how to make a company profile presentation. 7 Steps in Making your Company Profile Presentation


  1. Star of Star ProductionsJune 11, 2011 at 10:02 AM

    I think for customers, people would be more comfortable with Company 2's outline, because it gives more relevant information. I believe companies, such as investors and possible business partners, would be more interested in Company 1's outline since it establishes a foundation of trust, honor, and commitment in the world of business, which differs from Company 2's expressed interest in what they're giving to the customer and dedicating to the product.

  2. I find #2 better for a presentation to a customer (as Star of Star Production said) because it covers the escential part of what they may want to know and the #1 choice is too dull for someone looking for a service or product.

    My comment is based on my needs for my presentation. But both look great.

    Thank you for posting this!

  3. Great observations above. That brings us to the point that, we should not have one corporate presentation. Depending on who we are addressing we should tweak our presentation.

  4. Would have to agree with most of the above. the second company PP headnig oultines gets straight to the point and will help a company tell potential customers only what they need to know at first.

  5. @Anonymous
    I quite agree. Your audience can be customers or investors or anyone else, the second way of presenting is much simpler.

    I have come across Style 1 PPTs where it becomes hard to sometimes know what does the company actually do. Their vision, mission and macro level stuff makes no sense to outsiders.

  6. Hi i want to make presentation for a webdevelopment marketing company can you pls suggest about this

  7. @Bhavana

    I can help if you share more details. Why don'e you send me an email at: vivek [at] allaboutpresentations [dot] com.

  8. Profile Number 2. Definetely.

  9. Company #2. Straight to the point.

  10. Companies are preferring corporate presentations and whiteboard animations as they have been getting great response in sales and there are many benefits depending on marketing basis.

  11. We are starting a New Service Based company that has Pharma Analytical Services and Regulatory Services. As it is New service based company we wanted to understand about introduction and what all can we cover when a company is new in presentation. Your suggestions are highly appreciated.

    1. You can get in touch with me on: vivek [at] all about presentations [dot com]

  12. you provided excellent information about presentations.Really it is very useful.Thank you for sharing your views with us.