Aug 4, 2010

PowerPoint Puzzle: Can you creat this shape in PowerPoint?

Today I am posing a small PowerPoint Puzzle for you. You would have used callouts in PowerPoint. We use it for depicting thoughts or to show conversation. The box in which text appears in a cartoon strip in the newspaper is an example of a callout. Here is one more example:

The cloud above the man's head is a callout.
Now the puzzle for today is this. These callouts in PowerPoint have only one spoke. You can only make one man think or one man speak.
How do you connect one callout to two people?

How do you create this shape in PowerPoint (see image below)?

Send your solution by email to vivek [at] allaboutpresentations [dot] com or by leaving a comment here. I will share the correct replies in my future posts. The solution, let me tell you, is very simple. Think.

Image credits: [Left] Andy Newson [Right] Filomena Scalise


  1. EEEEEEEEasy, same coloured circles spaced out ORRRR you could make another similar cloud (slightly smaller and send it behind the bigger one retaining the circles but hiding the second cloud.

  2. I'd copy, flip, and paste the spoke stem to the other side of the callout for the other person in the picture.

  3. “ctrl+d----superposition"

  4. You guys are absolutely right. Kudos!

  5. i make a call out, cut and paste it as picture. I copy it toduplicate. And crop the second one using only the tail. Then I rotate and connect it to the first picture and group as one.