Nov 23, 2010

Wikipedia's 1 slide presentation for fundraising

Last weekend I landed on Wikipedia, as I often do, when trying to find answers to things I don't know about. This time when I landed there, the web page had changed. There was a message on top of the page. Here it is for you:

You must have noticed I am sure. See the message a bit more closely now.

This slide made me donate a small amount of my fortune to Wikipedia. That's why I feel it is a good slide. It has the following traits of a good slide:

1. It is simple. Very few words.

2. Strong visual. Just words don't bring the emotion. A visual is needed. Remember, emotions lead to actions.

3. It connects with our hearts. See the look on the face of Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia & the words 'Please'. He almost seems to be saying it personally to you.

4. It has a call to action. 'Read Now'. It does not say 'Donate Now'. Many people might run away then. Jimmy just wants you to read his message and he is confident many will contribute after reading his appeal. The process of donation is also very simple and easy.

The objection of this slide is to make people read Jimmy's message and I am sure it does the job well. You can also attribute it to the size of the banner. The image is too big to go unnoticed. But even then making people click is a tough job. Wikipedia has done the job well.

If you too want to donate click here.

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