Jan 19, 2011

Power of Presentations

The first company I joined after MBA was Marico. Do you know why I joined Marico?

Because their campus placement presentation was awesome. That is the truth.

On campus, I did not know a great deal about the company. It was not one which hogged the limelight. They were coming to our college for the very first time. So there was no alumni (ex-student) from where we could gather much about the company.

When they came on campus for placement, they gave an excellent presentation. The best campus presentation our batch had ever seen. The presentation became the talk of the town. Everyone was blown away.

If I look back today, the presentation was spot on. The presenters knew what the students wanted and gave us that. Plus they delighted us. This is how:

1. They talked about the size of the company and compared it to some 'better' known companies on campus. We were all amazed that this company was as big as some other popular FMCG names and hence we should consider this 'new' company on campus.

2. The presentation was something special. The look and feel, the honesty, the style. It kind of separated Marico from the rest. We could sense these people were different. And I wanted to belong to this group.

3. They stressed on 'career growth'. They cited actual names of managers and showed how fast they had moved up in the organisation within a short span of time.

4. They talked about 'responsibility early'. This was great. You are given full freedom and you are made accountable for your job.

In summary, all I can say is: First, they introduced themselves well and placed themselves in the same league as other popular names on campus. This made us look at them seriously. Second, they stressed on something that mattered; career growth. Lastly, they presented in style; nice audio-visual designed by a professional agency. They had the right relevant content and it was packaged excellently well.


  1. Hi Vivek,

    I remember also when I joined the first company in the MBA and was not the same case. Instead, they had a awful presentation in PowerPoint, but what was really great was visiting the company headquarter and the organization culture. In other words, the first impression was really bad (the PowerPoint) but when we all went to visit the place where we were supposed to work, everything was beyond the expectations. That's another different experience.

  2. Thanks Julian. Your case is the exact opposite. Sometimes companies make great PPTs but fail to deliver later. In my case, it was bang on. In your case, a bad PPT to start off with but made up later by things that really matter.