Feb 26, 2011

11 things I have done with MS PowerPoint [Other than making usual PPTs]

MS PowerPoint is a software for making presentations. Over the last many years, I have been using it for doing all weird kind of things. Here are 11 such things I have used the software for.

1. Designing posters / leaflets
Designing logo
3. Writing e-books
4. Photo editing
5. Image creation (creating shapes and saving as a picture)
6. Making a screen saver (by running PPT in a loop)
7. Preparing presentations to wish friends/relatives Happy Birthday (a complete audio visual affair; almost like a mini movie)
8. Designing press advertisements
Designing a scratch card
10. Designing a book cover (the author actually rejected the deisgn :-(
11. Designing the layout for websites

Other than making PPTs, what have you used MS PowerPoint for?

Image credit: scottchan

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