Jun 17, 2011

4 Game-changers for Presentations

Here is a presentation on the topic of making presentations. It's 114 slides, but with less content on every slide, you can breeze through the whole thing in 5 minutes. Do have a look.

This presentation is by Rowan Manahan who blogs at Presenting is Simple. The crux of his presentation is:

1. We must rehearse for our presentations. Spend 100 hours rehearsing a 1 hour presentation. (My point of view: 100 sounds too much. Even if we spent 20 hours, that'll make us far better that what we today are).

2. We must appeal to emotions. Just appealing to reason (logic) is not enough. In order to do that we must tell a story.

3. We must master the technology so that we can become better at making presentations.

4. We must take charge of the room. It's your moment and don't let anything get in the way. Be thoroughly planned for the D-day.

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