Jul 2, 2011

Make a Presentation on Google Plus

Google Plus seems to be the talk of the town. I too have joined G+ and am looking forward to it. However today I am not reviewing G+. I am restricting myself to the scope of my blog; presentations.

Suppose you were asked to make a presentation to 'Introduce Google Plus' to the world. How would you do that? If you don't know much about G+, think about Facebook. If you are asked to make a presentation to introduce FB to your friends how would you do that? Think before you read on.

Google Plus

A new way to socially network. Here are some unique things you can do with G+.

Circles - Put people into different circles. Relatives are in a different circle and colleagues in different. So your every status update is not visible to all. Choose which circle should see and which should not.

Huddle - A group chat feature where all 4 of you can chat at once and decide which movie to watch today evening.

Other than circles and huddle, there are hangouts, instant uploads, sparks, etc. New cool features which you will love to explain. But how?

Would you just speak these out? Will that not be so logical? Where is the excitement then? What will people remember from your presentation and talk about to others. The main objectives of your presentation are two: 1. Introduce users to the new features and 2. Excite them so much that the word spreads. They should go out and talk to their friends.

While you figure out how to make your presentation, check out what Google has done. They have prepared a series of small videos (that's a +1 from me for small videos). These one-minute videos introduce you to one feature of Google Plus. The attempt is to appeal to emotions and show the real happiness or benefit you derive from the feature. Google is not just telling us what the features do. It is trying to tell us how each feature will make our lives better and happier. Good attempt! Watch these small videos and tell me how you will 'rate' this presentation?


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