Nov 28, 2011

Showcasing a product: Part II

I had written about showcasing a product on a slide a few weeks back. We have a product image on the slide, how do we make it more appealing. The trick was 'reflection'. Using this effect we create a feel that the product is lying on a glass surface.

After writing about it, I have been more watchful to see this effect in real life. I happened to see this effect being employed by many companies. See the image above, it has been taken from the website of Videocon, a large business house in India. This one is from the website of Phillips.
The bulb image without the reflection might have looked a bit boring. A reflection below brings in a bit of 3D effect, makes it more realistic. Check out one more from the website.
Check this last one out (from Samsung Mobile website).

A quick recap on how to add reflection in MS PowerPoint 2010. Select the image -> Go to Picture Tools tab on top -> Choose Format -> Under Picture Styles choose Picture Effects -> Reflection -> Choose the first option (which has the least reflection)