Dec 13, 2011

List of useful blogs on presentations

Apart from my blog there are various other blogs which write on the topic of presentations. It would be very nice if we had a link to all these useful sites at one place. A small list of 10 to 15 blogs. Blogs which are good.

Alltop is one such site which is supposed to help us. The problem however is the number of blogs it lists. More than 50. A fellow blogger Andrew Dlugan too has a great list. But again the problem is, its too big. 118 blogs.

How about compiling a small list of useful blogs? Blogs YOU follow regularly. Blogs which have helped you become better at presentations. Blog which you love to read.

Share some names with me by leaving a comment on sending an email to me (vivek @ all about presentations dot com). Your contribution will help all of us here.


  1. I agree with your suggestions, Vivek.

    I also check out your blog for great ideas!

    Thank you!

  2. Vivek:

    I came up with twenty - ten from the US and ten more from elsewhere in the world. Good ideas are all over!

    My list is at:

  3. @Richard

    Thanks for sharing. Though we all would have liked 10, but 20 is still great. Nice to see country names as well.

  4. what a wonderful suggestion...we would really appreciate and thankfull to u for such a grat ideas