Feb 2, 2012

Presentations Checklist [Workshop Material for Free]

This Presentation Checklist is the crux of my three years of blogging. This was given out as handouts to all the students who attended my Presentations Workshop "Making a Powerful Point" at SCMS(UG) at Pune.

There are four stages of a presentation.
  • Context
  • Content
  • Design (slide design) and
  • Delivery
This checklist contains tips on all these stages. This checklist will give you an overview of how to make a presentation step-by-step. However, this checklist does not contain sample slides I presented at the workshop or the discussion we had there. That will be covered in future posts gradually.

Go through this checklist and use it as a tool to make effective presentations. It will also ensure you do not make the common mistakes which you normally make in your presentation.

Click here to download from Google Docs (no log in required)
Click here to download from slideshare

View the checklist here. Feel free to share it with others. Any feedback/query on this checklist is welcome.