Mar 31, 2012

Slide Improvement: Part 5 of 5

This slide is from a presentation made by a large Public Relations agency in India. It talks about the key services the organisation offers it clients.

This slide is from a slightly evolved presenter. That's why he/she does not want to use bullets. Any normal presenter would have gone with a list of bullet points. Otherwise, the presenter is trying to make the slide look better and impress the audience.

This slide needs tweaking. The alternative colours (green and grey) is making the slide tough to read. The centre alignment (read more here) is also causing an imbalance. The header 'Key Services' is aligned left and the rest of the text is aligned centre.

Let us make some minor changes and see what we arrive at.

Changes made: 1) Text aligned to the left. 2) Bevel effect removed from rectangular boxes 3) Shadows removed from the boxes and the text. 4) Text unbold. We will now try to improve the slide further.

Changes made: 1) Logo removed. 2) Single colour for all boxes; makes it easy on the eye. This slide is much better than the previous ones. If you are still wondering, what's the need for all these boxes and bullets will do the job. Let us see how bullets look.

Changes made: 1) Bullet points instead of boxes. 2) Changed the template to make the slide look better. The lines all around and a strip at the bottom.

Actually the last two options are both good. Asked to choose between them, I would go with the list of bullets instead of the boxes. What about you?

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