May 6, 2012

Agency Pitch Presentation: How much to talk about your company?

Few weeks back I attended three back to back presentations. Three different agencies were pitching for our business. This post of mine is about 'how much time should you talk about your company in a pitch presentation?' It is applicable  to all sorts of presentations. These agencies could have been advertising agencies, social media marketing agencies, outdoor agencies or any other agency. Whenever you are pitching for someone's business you will have to share something about your own company.

How much to talk about your company?
Talk only what is important and relevant in the presentation and give a small handout about your company for anyone who wants to know more. Share what is important and puts your organisation in the right light.

In this case, the agency could talk about:

  • Basic information about the company (one slide) - offices, services, started in...
  • What's special about the company (one slide) - what makes you special and desirable?
  • Top clients (one slide)
  • The team which will work on the account (one slide)
That's about it. Try to wrap this up fast because the prospective client is not interested in how big and great your company is but what can you do for them. Back to the three agencies and their pitch presentation. Few weeks have gone by. The second agency which pitched, an agency of great repute, kept on talking about themselves for 15 minutes at the start and we had to ask them to stop and move on. That's how bad it was.

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