Jul 16, 2012

Mark the final version of your PPT [Lesser Known PPT Features]

When we are working on multiple versions of a PowerPoint file, it is possible to get confused as to which one is the final version. This is especially true when a team or a group is working on a PPT. One member updates something and sends it to the other. The PPT crosses multiple hands multiple times and you keep saving the file as version 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and so on.

If you are working on such a presentation and you have the final version, PowerPoint 2010 now allows you to easily 'mark the presentation as final'. The moment you or your colleagues or friends open this version, they will be intimated that this is the final version and they will be discouraged to make any changes to the file.

How to mark a presentation as final?
Open the presentation. Go to File. Under Info option on the left, go to Permissions and click on the square box named Protect Presentation. Then choose Mark as Final. Save the file and exit. That's it.

If you re-open the file, on the status bar you will find a message; Marked as Final. You can still choose to edit the file, by clicking on Edit Anyway. Unless you click on Edit Anyway you will not be able to make any changes. This way you are ensuring the viewer of the PPT knows this is the final version.

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