Oct 24, 2012

7 Steps in Making your Company Profile Presentation

A company profile presentation is an introductory presentation about your company. These PPTs are generally found on company websites and are shared with prospective customers, new joinees, etc. This post describes how to make a corporate profile presentation for your company. I developed this technique recently when I was making a corporate profile presentation.

Step - 1: What is your goal and who is your audience?

Step - 2: Write down all the topics you can talk about?

Step - 3: Write down everything you want to say under each topic.

Step - 4: Group common topics together

Step - 5: Prioritise (Eliminate not-so-important topics and content under each topic)

Step - 6: Organise the flow of topics

Step - 7: Design the slides

Step - 1: Your objective & your audience

The first step in making our corporate profile presentation is to understand why we are making it. What do we want to achieve and for whom are we making it. If you want to make a presentation to suit every kind of audience, then your presentation has to be very generic. A profile presentation for a prospective employee is different from a presentation for a prospective customer. Decide who is the primary target audience and tune your presentation to suit them.

Once we know, who is the main audience, we can now decide why we are making this presentation. If your profile is for prospective employee and you need to impress him/her that yours is a great place to work then focus will be more on 'culture' and 'awards and incentives'. If the same company is making it for prospective customers, the objective can be 'we deliver within time' so partner with us.

Step - 2: List down all topics

Write down everything you want to write about in your presentation. Let the list be as long as it can be. Here are some common areas you would want to include in a profile presentation to prospective customers:

About us - Our products & services - Our specialisation - Our vision & mission - Our industry - Our offices/network - Why partner with us? - Our client list - Testimonials from clients - Milestones - Our founder - Our management team - Financial highlights - Future plans - Contact details - etc

This is the time where you can make the list as long as you can. Since we are looking at an exhaustive list, this step should be done by a group of people.

Step - 3: Generate content under each topic

We will now write down everything under each topic. It is better if you write down your topics on different pages of a notebook and keep writing your content as and when you can think of. Even this process is best done by a group of people (ideally from different departments of the company). Do not worry about what is important and what is not. Just keep writing whatever you can think of under each topic.

Step - 4: Grouping common headers

Not every header might be very different from the other. If there is something common between two headers, you might want to club them as one. For example, our services and our specialisation can be clubbed as one header 'Our services and specialisation'. Your business is social media marketing but you might be specialising in Google ads or Facebook ads. These two topics can be clubbed as one since they are related.

Step - 5: Prioritise (edit ruthlessly)

Editing is at the heart of any good movie and so is the case with presentations. Till now we had the liberty to write everything we wanted to. Not any more. Steps 2 and 3 ensured we miss nothing about the company. In this step we ensure we share what is crucial and throw off the rest.

This is the toughest part especially if you are the CEO or founder of the company. Your attachment with the company makes you include everything. You need a third person's view here who is not  so connected to the company. Try to include only what is really important else your presentation will be too long. You might also want to cap your presentation to say 10 to 15 slides. This will help you ensure you do not make a very long presentation.

Step - 6: Arrange the topics in a logical manner

You might have 15 topics left after clubbing and elimination. You now have to arrange them logically so that it makes most sense. Who are you should come first and then a bit of detail on what you do. You then jump onto what is in it for the audience and so on.

Step - 7: Design the slides

Step 1 to Step 6 was all on a paper (or whiteboard). Now is the time when everything is in place that the software is required. Design your slides and complete the presentation. It is better if you show it to 3 laymen (people who do not know anything about your company). Seek feedback from these people as to what they understand and remember. Modify the presentation based on their feedback. You are finally done!

If you have ever made a corporate profile presentation, I would like to hear how you went about it. If you are making a presentation now, share your doubts and questions here.

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