Nov 30, 2012

Best from the Past: November

I have so far written more than 390 posts on this blog and I have been blogging for 3 years and 11 months. There is a lot of useful stuff in the archives which is worth revisiting. Today we will revisit posts from November of earlier years.

Wordle: Create free tag clouds
In November 2010, I had shared a website where we can get free tag clouds made. We can type in text and create tag clouds. We can also type a URL and it will create a tag cloud for that website. Here is a tag cloud of my blog's home page.

You can see that the word presentation and book are most common on the current home page.

We can use advanced feature and type in words and along side type in numbers. These numbers will indicate the importance assigned to that number. The bigger the number, the bigger the word in the final tag cloud. Click here to read the complete post and click here to visit Wordle.

Why use Wordle?
If you want to showcase a lot of names and bring some into limelight, you can create your own free tag clouds in Wordle.

Comments in MS PowerPoint
In November 2010 I had talked about comments feature in MS PowerPoint. If two or more people are working on the same slide deck, this feature will be of immense help.

Lara makes the first draft. She is not sure about what to say on Slides 10, 11 and 15. So she inserts a comment on those slides. When Steve opens the deck, he does not know where the comments are. So he goes to Review tab on top and chooses Previous and Next under Comments. That's it. He can easily navigate from one comment slide to another and work on the slides.

How to add comments?
In MS PowerPoint 2007 & 2010, under Review tab, click on New Comment.
Click here to read my original post.

Presentation Brief
In Nov 2009 I had created a new tool which I call the Presentation Brief. If you are asked to create a presentation, filling up this brief is a good place to start. The brief has basic questions like who is the audience, what is the size of the audience and the duration of the presentation. What is your objective and what are your key messages? Such basic questions which will keep you on the right track.

Click here to read the original post. Click here or here to download the Presentation Brief directly. It's free. Use it and feel free to share your feedback on this tool.

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