Dec 24, 2012

10 most watched TED Talks ever

TED talks have become extremely popular. I must have already written a dozen posts about TED. Some of the best presenters and best minds are on display at TED. It has thousands of videos and one can never see all of it. That leads us to ask, "Which are the most popular TED talks ever?"

Here is a list which was published on TED Blog in August 2012. The most watched TED talks ever are...

Jill Bolte Taylor (Stroke of insight)
Pranav Mistry (potential of sixth sense)
David Gallo (underwater astonishments)
Pattie Maes & Pranav Mistry (sixth sense demo)

Tony Robbins (Why we do what we do)
Brene Brown (Power of vulnerability)

The ones with the ** are my recommendations. If you cannot watch them all, watch these four atleast. I have added hyper links to these for your convenience.

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  1. A great presentation was the one of Simon Sinek, inspiring great leaders to take action, it will very well be used in the college Leadership I am facilitating!