Feb 3, 2013

"Blackberry 10 Unveiled with Abysmal Presentation"

This was the headline of a news article which talked about the launch of Blackberry 10. The reporter criticises Thornsten Heins, the CEO of Blackberry, on two grounds.

One, unable to answer basic questions asked at the launch conference
Two, lack of passion and enthusiasm.

Here is what the article says, "Heins had difficulties answering basic questions during the live presentation yesterday. He struggled in giving an answer to a question on how Blackberry had learned anything from Apple‘s success. To make it worse, his delivery lacked both passion and enthusiasm about his new product, which made the entire presentation painful to watch."

The world is watching and watching carefully. Businesses cannot afford to be lacklustre any more with their presentations. Let your presentation skills not come in way of your business.

You can watch Thornsten Heins talk here:

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