Jul 1, 2013

New way of showing milestones in your presentation

I recently saw TED Talk's 'on the way to a billion views' timeline. It is a nice timeline which showcases TED Talk's journey over the last 7 years (since its inception). View the timeline by clicking here.

When you keep your mouse over a dot, the milestone becomes visible. It vanishes when the mouse moves away.

You can use a similar timeline in your presentation as well. 'How our company has grown over the years' is one such case. You can place your milestones on a graph and show each milestone one after another using animation.

This will be much easier to understand when compared to list of bullet points. Your audience will like it more and remember it better.

How do we do this in MS PowerPoint? Spend sometime playing with various graph and animation options and you'll know. First we need a graph (which goes up like this), then we need some dots and finally animation.

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