Jul 23, 2013

Presentation Crossword #2


1. Keyboard short-cut to undo last action. Works in MS PowerPoint, MS Excel and MS Word. It even works in Corel Draw and Adobe Photoshop.
4. He was one of the best presenters of our times. A movie based on his life is coming soon.
6. Popular cloud-based presentation software. Alternative to MS PowerPoint.
8. Mecca of presentations. View great presentations here for free!
9. You want your audience to pay _______. You get it sometimes and you lose it again. Their ______ span is very less.


2. Organisation which has clubs all over the world to help members improve their public speaking skills
3. Group of slides
5. You understand it, but your audience does not. Special words.
7. Event where you present 20 slides and every slide changes automatically in 15 seconds

Solve this crossword and have fun!

I will be sharing the answers within 2 days. Meanwhile you can share your answers through email (vivek at allaboutpresentations dot com) or leave your answers in comments.