Aug 28, 2013

Solve this Presentation Crossword #3


1. What presenters, especially consultants, put on every slide?
8. Biggest sin you can make as a presenter
9. Helvetica. Candara. Cambria. Garamond.


2. Extremely popular presentations blogger and author of many books on presentations
3. Most searched stuff online (by presenters). Enhances the visual appeal of your presentation.
4. Ready-made graphics to help you visually represent information and enhance visual appeal of your presentation.
5. Upload and share your presentation on this website for free
6. Short cut. Press this during slideshow and the screen turns black
7. There are two types of fonts. Serif and _______. Serif is good for printed text (books). _______ is good for on-screen display (presentations).

Solve this crossword and have fun!

I will be sharing the answers soon. Meanwhile you can share your answers through email (vivek at allaboutpresentations dot com) or leave your answers in comments.