Oct 31, 2013

Most economical stock photo website online

In my last post I stressed on using professional stock images for your important presentations. In this post I want to recommend one such site. 123RF.com

For my last project, I had to buy lots of stock photos online. I went around checking rates on most sites like Shutter Stock, Big Stock Photo, iStock Photo, Fotolia among others. After checking for the size of image required and various purchase plans online, I purchased from 123RF.com

I found the site economical (for my image size and image type requirement). The image quality was excellent. I purchased large size images for approximately Rs. 240 per image (under $4 per image). You can buy medium resolution images for a bit less.

Disclaimer: I DO NOT get any commission if you happen to buy any image from 123RF.com or any other stock site in this world and beyond :-)

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