Oct 14, 2013

The Problem of using Special Fonts

You must have used special fonts in your presentations. Special fonts help us stand out from every other presentation which uses Arial or Calibri or Garamond. These special fonts are not there in our system and we download it from various websites. My favorite site is dafont.

Special fonts not only help your slides stand out, they also add value if used effectively. There are certain presentations which make a strong case for using uncommon fonts like advertising agency presentations, TED, etc. Special fonts are not weird looking fonts, but simply mean fonts which are not part of our system. You can download formal or informal, all kinds of fonts from the internet.

There is however one problem which arises because of this. When you email the presentation to someone who does not have that special font, the computer replaces the special font with some other font. This ruins the presentation totally.

How will you avoid this problem?

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