Jan 20, 2014

PhotoFunia: Make your slides interesting

PhotoFunia is an app which does some cool stuff. Have a look at some of these pics. It is almost like you getting stuff done on Adobe Photoshop without using the software.

The resolution of most images is good enough for PowerPoint. I came across this app on Google Play Store. You can also download it if you are using Chrome Browser on your computer. It is also available on iOS and other operating systems.

You can use it sparingly in your presentation to make an impact. How you use it depends on you. Use it well and people will have a smile on their faces. This app will help you stand out because it allows you to customize your images. All the images you buy online are standardized and not customized to your presentation. This is your chance. Try something new. Yes, there is a risk. But then, no risk, no return.

The app has hundreds of such effects and you are only limited by your imagination. Check it out right away.