Feb 6, 2014

7 Tips when Presenting to Foreigners

1. Go through every slide of your presentation and ask yourself, "What is it that my audience will find difficult to understand?" You will realize that the foreigner does not know what you mean when you say, South India. He/she might not know the city they are sitting in right now is in North india.

2. Using Maps: Handhold the audience, go slow and make them comfortable. Give them a nice print out of the map of your country / state (if your presentation requires your audience to understand the geography). Understand that they are totally unfamiliar with your map.

3. Talking Currency. Your audience might not understand what you mean by $10 or Rupees 5, if he has lived all his life in The Netherlands.

4. Keep checking your audience understanding. Keep asking every once in a while "Should I move on, or do you have any questions?"

5. Avoid Jargon all together. Your audience might not understand what do you mean by 'middle class'. In India, we use the term and we know what it means. But it does not mean the same thing in Europe. There might not even be a term called 'middle class' there. Even within the same industry / profession, the jargon differs from country to country. Hence, avoid jargon all together.

6. Take extra care to explain vernacular words. If you 'have to' use them, do explain the meaning before moving on.

7. Measurement of any kind: The US talks in miles and gallons and India speaks kilometers and liters. Take care.

Image courtesy of Grant Cochrane / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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