Feb 3, 2014

The simplest way to become more Creative

When you are sitting in a meeting and you get a 'crazy' idea, what do you do?
You keep quiet. You don't share it with your colleagues/friends because it is a 'crazy idea'. You keep it to yourself.

And why do you do that?
Because, you are afraid of being wrong. You think if the idea is stupid people will laugh at you. You are afraid of being judged. You want to 'maintain' your good image.

So, here is the simplest tip ever given to unlock your creativity. Stop judging your ideas and start sharing them freely. When you get a 'crazy' idea next time in the boardroom or the classroom, just share it.

Sir Ken Robinson has said in this awesome talk, unless we are prepared to be wrong, we can never come up with something original. Notice what this means. If we are prepared to fail, if we are prepared for some people laughing at us, then only can we really become creative. You need to take the risk. It is worth it.

The next time you get a crazy idea, just say it. It might become the next big idea in your organisation or institution.

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