Nov 24, 2014

Run Part of a Presentation in Continuous Loop [Reader Question]

In an earlier post, I wrote about how to make a presentation run in continuous loop. Example: A 5 slide presentation starts at slide 1, then goes to 2, 3, 4, then 5 and comes back to slide 1 and again 2. It keeps running.

Yesterday a reader asked a question: "Is there a way to have a loop in one part of the slideshow then advance on click in the next part?"

Problem: You have a 7 slide presentation. You want to run slides 1 to 5 in a continuous loop. Slide 6 & 7 are not part of the loop. Then after a while, you wish to start presenting from slide 6. How can we set this up?

Solution: The solution is simple. Open PowerPoint normally. You have all slides on the left side. Hide slides 6 & 7. Right click on them and select Hide Slide.

Now create a loop with slides 1 to 5. You can read the earlier post to know how to create this loop.

Now when the presentation is run in slideshow mode (press F5) you will only see slides 1 to 5 running in a loop. Slides 6 and 7 will not be visible. Whenever you want to move to slide 6, just press '6' on your keyboard and press Enter. Voila! You can now move forward and start presenting normally from slide 6 onward.

I tried this in PowerPoint 2010. The same should work in other versions as well.