Mar 11, 2015

The Graphic Equalizer Approach to Slide Makeover
Your slides are important to your presentation. Good looking slides create a good impression on your audience. You are ready with your slides and you have some time. I suggest you use our Graphic Equalizer approach and enhance the look of your slides immediately. It is a slide makeover technique to instantly make your slides more impactful.

Words: Reduce the number of words from your slide. This is the most difficult job and you need to force yourself to do this. Can you replace all the words with an image? Can you convert the text to a SmartArt diagram / info graphic? Think.

Images: Increase the visual appeal of your slide. Have one large image (covering the entire slide) or use icons. Having visuals in almost every other slide is the way to go.

Bullets: Bullet points are dead and you can only use when there is no other choice. Reduce the number of bullets per slide. If possible, remove them altogether.

Fonts: Do not have multiple types of fonts on a slide. Choose 1 font for your presentation and be done with it. You do not need two different fonts in one presentation.

Colours: Have a colourful presentation but do not go overboard. Use SmartArt images with shades & tints of one colour, instead of having too many bold colours on one slide. Stay simple and elegant.

Message: One message per slide. If you have two charts with two different messages, split them onto two slides. Reduce the number of messages you communicate in a slide.

Run through this list and makeover your slide. Move from clutter to elegance. Move from beauty to design.

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