Apr 4, 2015

Embed your fonts before emailing your deck

Your slide deck is ready. You have spent hours, if not days to make it. Now is the time to shoot if off. But wait...

If you have used any special or uncommon fonts in your presentation, remember to embed them within the PowerPoint file.

The special fonts used by you will most likely be absent on the computer of the person receiving the deck. What happens when he/she opens your presentation?

The computer will replace your special font with whatever is available. The result - all the layouts will go haywire. The look is gone. It will actually ruin the look and formatting completely.

How to embed fonts in MS PowerPoint 2013? (2010 and earlier versions are similar)
Go to file -> Options -> Under Save -> Embed fonts in file -> Embed all characters

Now the computer which receives your file can display the special fonts. Good luck!