Jul 16, 2015

Say hello to "JazzFactory.In" - The new Blog and Website

Hi guys. I am renaming All About Presentations as JazzFactory.In. That's the name of my Presentation Design Firm. I had quit my job in December '14 and was working as a presentation consultant so far. My nameless firm now has a name; JazzFactory.In

A new name also means a lot of new stuff. In the coming weeks and months you will find loads of content, e-books and articles on the blog. I will be writing mainly about PowerPoint speed hacks, sales presentations, investor presentations, answer common queries, discover resources, etc.

This blog is now part of the new website JazzFactory.In. Check out the website and share your comments or feedback. My old email ID will be in use. You can also contact me on my new email ID if you want to collaborate with me.

If you are making a high-stakes presentation, remember JazzFactory.In. C ya!

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