Nov 14, 2015

You cannot Present the Slides that you have Emailed

You have received an appointment to present to a potential customer or an investor. The prospect asks you to email the deck (slides) beforehand so that they can go through it. What will you do?

Do not email the deck that you are supposed to present.

When you email the deck - the slides need to stand on their own. You will not be there to speak along with the slides. Hence, this deck will have more words.

When you present the deck in person - the slides will support your talk. Here you should have more and more visuals, photos and less and less of text. Just a few words per slide will do. One slide can simply have one chart and the story will be communicated orally. Declutter the slides to increase the impact on your audience. If you present the slides which have everything written already, what real value will you add?

Change your slides depending on the way it is going to be presented. Will the slides be read by the audience or will you be presenting it in person?

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