Feb 8, 2016

PowerPoint Tip - 3 Professional ways to Design your Agenda slide

Does your agenda slide look like this?

If yes, then it is time for you to look at some new ways of designing this slide. Today we share 3 contemporary ways to redesign your agenda slide and make it look professional.

Style 1 - Linear

This is very simple to create and looks very nice.
For the serial number - Insert a square text box and write down the numbers in big and bold
For the text - Insert a rectangular text box

Style 2 - Photograph

Choose an image which depicts 'an agenda' or relates to the topic of your presentation. Insert a text box in a colour of your choice. Prefer a colour which is in stark contrast with the background image.

Blur the image - Click on the image. Go to format (you can see it up there in MS PowerPoint 2013). Choose BLUR under Artistic Effect. The image will become slightly hazy. This will bring the text in focus.

Transparent text box - Right click on the text box and choose Format Shape. Under FILL, choose transparency and choose 10%. You can play around with this number and see how the slide looks.

Style 3 - Icons

Download these icons from sites like iconfinder.com or similar other sites. Ensure the icons are of the same size and represent the text. Icons look good when you have 3 to 5 items in the agenda. For more items, prefer Styles 1 or 2 above.

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