Oct 30, 2017

Should you email your sales proposal as a PDF?

You are sending a sales proposal to a new prospect. Should you email a PPTX file or a PDF? Here are the benefits of sharing a PDF:

1. Lowers the file size. Converting your PowerPoint to PDF saves a lot of space. It is easier and faster to email. Your client will surely email the proposal to many others within her organization. Make it easy for her. How much compression is possible? I recently compressed a 20 MB PPTX file to a 1.2 MB PDF file. That's a reduction of 18.8 MB!

2. Opens on all devices. Your client (or her colleagues) might open your sales proposal on their mobile, tablet or laptop. They could load it onto Google Drive and open straight from there. PDF will work better on all OS, devices and platforms.

3. Preserves special fonts. Converting your PowerPoint to PDF preserves all the special fonts used. If you email your PPTX file and you forget to embed the special fonts, the client's computer will replace those fonts with some other font and totally screw up the formatting. That will seriously go against you.

Do you email your sales proposals as a PDF?
Why not?

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