Oct 10, 2017

What is Picture Presentation feature in PowerPoint?

PowerPoint has a new feature called 'PowerPoint Picture Presentation'. When you save your presentation as a picture presentation, PowerPoint converts all your slides into pictures. All the elements on a slide are converted into a single image.

Where is it?

File --> Save As --> Choose a folder --> Save as type --> PowerPoint Picture Presentation. You can save your existing presentation as a picture presentation. Make sure you keep a copy of your original, as you cannot edit the picture presentation. The format of the new presentation is still .pptx

When do you need it?

  • To reduce the size of your presentation. The file size will come down significantly.
  • To protect your special fonts. If you have used special fonts, converting your presentation into a picture presentation will preserve everything perfectly.

What do you lose?

Animations. Slide transitions remain intact but all the animations on a slide go away. That is because all the elements on a slide are being clubbed together into one single image.

Try this feature out. It will help you one day :)

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