Dec 18, 2017

How to use STORIES to pitch your IDEAS better?

Making a sales pitch to a client? Or an investor pitch? Or pitching an idea to your CEO?  Here is a proven way to make it impactful and memorable so that you get the result you want.

Package all your messages into a STORY

Selling any product or service has a few common elements. Why not wrap all these elements into one single story?

  • Problem faced by your client
  • Existing solution
  • Your solution
  • Benefits
  • Price
If you are selling an idea to your CEO, you could be addressing a problem or challenging the status quo. You will talk about your idea and its need, benefits and impact. It would be great if you pick up one story (or anecdote) which helps you explain everything.

Why stories work?

We love stories. We have been hearing stories since we were children. We read fiction and watch movies. Stories are entertaining and they are memorable. Your prospect or your CEO will forget your logical arguments and numbers but they will remember your stories.

How to present your story?

Jeff Dachis is the CEO & Founder of One Drop. One Drop makes glucometers (measures glucose levels of diabeticsand a diabetes management app. In this video Jeff pitches his product idea in front of INVESTORS. He uses one story (of Joanna) and presents everything through that. The entire pitch is over in 6 minutes.

I have played this video in front of many people in my workshops and everyone loves it. They remember the message and find it impactful as it stirs their emotions and packages so much information in a single story.

Breakdown of Jeff's investor pitch and storytelling structure

Jeff starts with a story. Meet Joanna. She fell unconscious in an elevator. She could have died. She is diabetic.

Joanna feels alone in her fight against diabetes. But she is not alone. 30 million Americans have diabetes. 345 million people in the world have diabetes. It is the most expensive healthcare problem we have today.

We took an unloved product like the glucometer and redesigned it completely. Our glucometer is a lifestyle product which makes you feel awesome. We also deliver the supplies every month. It is that convenient.

Joanna logs in her glucose level and insulin. She leaves a professional tip on the app. She also logs in a food moment by simply tacking a picture. Joanna can compare her timeline (one day vs. other days). She gets insights and is able to change her behaviour.

One Drop is also a first of its kind diabetes management app which allows you to live with diabetes more easily. It will succeed because it is convenient, powerful and reminds diabetics like Joanna that they are not alone. People, patients, doctors and insurance companies (all stakeholders) will love One Drop.

One Drop is free if you have insurance. This product is sold in the US, EU and some other countries.

Jeff ends his pitch in an amazing manner. The Joanna he talks about all along is no one else but himself. He fell unconscious and almost died in the elevator. With just one story Jeff has told us everything he would tell his investors. He also stirs up our emotions (that's the power of a story). He even tells us (without telling directly) as to why he is in this business. He is a diabetic himself. He understand his customers like no one else.

Final lesson for us

  • Write down what you want to tell your CEO, prospect or the investor.
  • Find (or create) ONE story through which you can cover all the points.
  • Say the story with emotions and you will make a winning pitch.
What do you think about this approach? How would you try it out?

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