Jul 23, 2018

8 Common Writing Errors That Make You Look Unprofessional (Infographic)

This is a guest post by Walkerstone.com

How A Simple Error Can Ruin your Presentation

If you are getting cold feet due to an upcoming presentation, you would be glad to learn that it is pretty common. Especially if it is your first presentation and you want to impress your audience, it can make you really anxious. Well, it is a common feeling, and it is better that you relax and let your anxiety pass. There are many ways you can make your presentation perfect. One of the common mistakes that people find in a presentation is a mistake in spellings. A simple change in an alphabet can change the entire meaning of the sentence. Sometimes it can make you look ignorant. Hence proper revision and editing are extremely important after you finish writing something.

It is often observed that words that sound similar are misspelled interchangeably. For instance, the words steak and stake sound similar but the two words have completely different meanings. Another common example is the difference between effect and affect or bear and bare.

In this detailed infographic from Walkerstone, some of the common mistakes that people make when writing have been mentioned. This will help you check if you are making any of these common mistakes and also solutions for these issues have been provided. If you want to take the pressure off your presentation, you can always go in for professional help. You can go for presentation training or get assistance for a visual makeover of slides or get any other help you need.

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