Dec 26, 2023

This is how you showcase competence in a sales pitch (ft. Physics Wallah)

In the first episode of Physics Wallah on Amazon miniTV, Alakh Pandey goes to interview at an institute. He wants to teach Physics there. The interviewer asks him ten questions. Alakh looks startled. He does not answer immediately. We begin pondering, "Does he even know the answer to one of the ten questions?"

Once the interviewer finishes reading his questions and assumes Alakh knows nothing, the scene gets dramatic. Alakh not only knows all the answers, he remembers each and every question. He gives correct answers, with explanation, to all the questions.

The interviewer is stunned. He recognises that Alakh is a physics wizard. The audience is also impressed. This scene is amazing at establishing Alakh as a champion, a genius. That's why this scene comes in the first episode itself.

One instance is enough to prove that Alakh is a Physics wizard.

One example is enough to prove that your company is an expert at what it does. Instead of talking about too many client examples, find out the best one. Focus on that. Talk about that in detail.

You can find out this one example through these questions:

  • Which project are you most proud of?
  • Which is the most complex work you have ever done?
  • Which project got the best out of you?
Spend a lot of time covering this example in your sales pitch. Because, if you can do this you can do anything.

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