Feb 2, 2024

Your PowerPoint slide needs a strong title

 Here is a simple slide design tip. Look at this slide:

The design looks a little odd. Look closely and you notice that the title (header) is weak. The lines 'One-stop destination..' is bigger than the title text. This is a mistake. On every slide, the title should always be the biggest.

Not every slide needs a title, but if it has one.. it should be the biggest. Because, that tells the audience what is more important. What should they see first. This is a design principle.

The slide above also looks weak because of the same issue. The header text should be sizeably bigger. Let us do that and see how the new slide looks:

A bigger and bolder headline text, makes your slide look great. Here is one more example. Notice the big and bold title. Does it not feel eye-catchy and confident? 

Source: Individual slides have been taken from their company's website. They are publicly available, as part of their investor presentation.

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