Mar 1, 2009

Best of the Month: Februaury '09

All About Presentations has entered its second month. Last month I wrote on lessons from Dr. Stephen Covey's talk (which I attended in Hyderabad). I also wrote on how we can make our presentations stick. On the one hand I introduced a new concept 'User-Controlled Presentations', and on the other I talked about engaging the audiences and tackling nervousness before presentations. Here are the 3 most popular posts from the last month:

Feb 1: 7 habits which make Stephen Covey's presentation effective

Feb 7: How do you engage the audience?

Feb 12: How do you tackle nervousness before presentations?

Here is a list of the 3 most popular posts on this blog till date:

Jan 30: 10 ideas that will make your sponsorship proposal work?

Jan 14: Checklist for presentations (a short and useful list for every presenter)

Jan 18: 'Yes We Can' learn from Obama (review of LK Advani's website)

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