Jun 28, 2010

How Google communicates with us?

As a communicator the onus is on us to make the audience understand our message. If we are selling something (an idea or a service), it becomes even more important. Confusion will only lead the buyer to go away.

While browsing through Picasa I found a simple and good example of how Google is effectively communicating.
I went to My Photos in Picasa and clicked on Upgrade Storage.This is where Google sells extra storage space to users. If you want to buy 20GB space you need to pay $5 per year and $20 for 80GB. But the question is, how much storage space do I need??

Google helps us with that. Have a look at the information below the blue button on the right.

20GB translates to 10,000 photos with a 5MP camera and 80GB 40,000 photos. This is a simple example of a good communication. Help the audience know what 20GB means to her in a manner she understands best.

I like this example because:

1. Google has not assumed that we know how much usage we need.
2. Google has not assumed we know what 20GB means. It is just too big a number.

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