Aug 26, 2010

9 design errors you should avoid in a presentation

1. Different font types on different slides.

2. Different font sizes of header and body text on different slides.

3. Highlighting an important point in various ways (underscore, bold, blue colour font and red colour font) all in one slide.

4. Highlighting too many things on one slide resulting in confusing your audience as to what is really important.

5. Small font size. Just because you can see 16 size font on the computer does not mean the audience will be able to see it on the screen.

6. Animating everything thing on every slide.

7. Copy pasting naked (unformatted) tables from excel as it is on PowerPoint.

8. Body font bigger than the header font.

9. Light colour font on a white background. See you cannot read a thing :)

Stay away from these mistakes.


  1. Good reminder to us all! It's amazing how many times you see these errors. Thanks, Vivek.

  2. @Kathy
    We keep making some of these mistakes, out of ignorance or innocence and keep putting off our audiences. A good reminder to all of us - stay away from these at all costs.