Sep 3, 2010

Take The 1 minute Billboard Test and be amazed

Today I will ask you to take a test. A simple test which will take no more than 1 minute. There are no scores but there is a lot of fun. Without much ado just see the presentation below. It is better to view full screen.

RSS & email subscribers might be required to come to the blog to take the test. Do so because it is worth it. After you take the test, share your answers, comments and experiences with me by leaving a comment.


  1. Interesting exercise. I could only remember the names of four, in three cases it was definitely due to the pictures. I could also remember some pictures, but not actually the brand that advertised. The Panasonic, Bloomberg, DNA I did not have any recall of - basically just text... Interestingly enough I remembered the "What's on India" which is also basically text, but the "punchline" stuck...

    This again shows the importance of showing pictures to connect to your audience, to create an emotional connection, but the use of a few powerful words is also not lost on me...

  2. @rabotha
    You have made a valid point. Pictures are very important. A good picture can make our slide memorable.

    A good picture also has to be relevant. Otherwise people will remember the slide and not the message (just like you remember the picture and not the brand).

  3. I could only come up with 5 brand names. So, knowing that each of us learns differently, which is really more powerful - the visual or the written?

  4. @Julie

    I would like to know which 5 did you remember? Were they text based or visual or both?

    In terms of power, Visual is more powerful than text and Visual+Text is the most powerful combination.