Sep 6, 2010

What is the ideal image size for PowerPoint?

Images are available in all kinds of sizes on the internet; 640x480 pixels, 800x600, 1024x768, etc. When you download images from Google or from websites like flickr, you have a wide choice. In Google you can filter your search (4 Tips to make the most of Google Image Search) by image size (large, medium, etc). While buying images from any stock images site you have the choice of various sizes. If you download an image from you are given three choices:
  • medium (640 x 425)
  • large (1024 x 681)
  • high resolution (2858 x 1900)
How do you then choose which size to download?

My experience tells me that users just Google for an image and choose the one they like. Rarely do people worry about the size. The outcome: A small resolution image when brought onto PowerPoint becomes hazy especially when you stretch it to full screen.

What is the ideal picture size for PowerPoint?
Any image size above 640 x 480 pixels is good enough for PowerPoint. The higher the resolution the better. If you stretch an image of 640 x 480, it will fit the screen and look good.

To search an image larger than 640x480 on Google try this. Go to Google Images -> type your keyword and search -> Click on 'Larger Than' (it is on the left of your screen) -> Choose 640 x 480. That's it. All the images which Google will show will be suitable for PowerPoint.

Remember: If your digital camera or your mobile camera has a resolution of even 1 megapixel, that is good enough for PowerPoint. I will discuss more on resolution in my next post.

Special Tip 
Remember that the width : height ratio of PowerPoint slide area is 4 by 3 (which is the same as 1.33 by 1). So images whose width by height ratio is 1.33 by 1 will fit in the slide area perfectly. Examples 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768. Images whose ratio is not 1.33 by 1 need to be cropped to fit the slide area completely.

Tape image: m_bartosch