Jan 14, 2011

PowerPoint Puzzle #3

I received a PPT just before the new year from a senior colleague of mine. It was an invitation to his grand new year party. The invite was to join him on a cruise to an exotic island in the Pacific. I knew something was fishy but I was amused. The visuals were so inviting.

In the end was a small button; "I accept the invite" (who will say No). The PPT asked me to click on the button if I wanted to join in. The moment I took my mouse over the button, it vanished. It moved to a new place on the screen. Again I chased it, it vanished again. The third time I chased it, it totaly vanished. Then the screen said, "You have lost your chance". I was so upset :-(

He had got it as a forward and in turn he was sending it to everyone in office. The PPT made me curious as to how the animation was done. How did the button vanish when I took the mouse over it?

Do you have the answer?
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