Jan 14, 2011

PowerPoint Puzzle #3

I received a PPT just before the new year from a senior colleague of mine. It was an invitation to his grand new year party. The invite was to join him on a cruise to an exotic island in the Pacific. I knew something was fishy but I was amused. The visuals were so inviting.

In the end was a small button; "I accept the invite" (who will say No). The PPT asked me to click on the button if I wanted to join in. The moment I took my mouse over the button, it vanished. It moved to a new place on the screen. Again I chased it, it vanished again. The third time I chased it, it totaly vanished. Then the screen said, "You have lost your chance". I was so upset :-(

He had got it as a forward and in turn he was sending it to everyone in office. The PPT made me curious as to how the animation was done. How did the button vanish when I took the mouse over it?

Do you have the answer?
If you do then leave a comment or send an email to vivek [at] allaboutpresentations [dot] com . I will share your answer (along with your name) with everyone here in a future post.

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  1. Create 4 slides. The first 3 should have the button on the different postions you want it to be. The last one does not have the button but the text "You have lost your chance".

    Select the button on the first slide, and select the Action menu. The Action menu will be in different places depending on your version of the ppt. In older versions, you could just right click and get to it. I am using PPT 2007 and for this you go to the Insert menu and you will find Action under the Links tab. On the Action dialog, under Mouse Over, choose Hyperlink to Next Slide. Repeat this for the buttons on the second and third slide. Wallah (or Viola if you are outside India)! you have the mouse over animation youu desired!