Aug 5, 2011

It's appleberry time!

Have we not had enough of Arial, Garamond, Calibri, Times New Roman and Tahoma? How long are we going to use these. The longer we use these fonts, the longer we will look and feel like others. Can we not create our unique identitiy, a differentiator. A new style of presenting. Our style.

Try a new font and own it. Use it in presentations and stand out from the crowd. Your audience will like the font and like you as well.

I happened to discover and use one such font today. It is called Appleberry and is available for free on, an excellent website to download fonts from. This new font gave a completely refreshed feeling to my slides. A real delight! It is a legible, good looking font which can go in presentations (with less text).

While browsing I also discovered fonts like Amperzand and Fontastique. Visit the website and discover for yourself. Do give some of these new fonts a try!

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